Top Performers

We know you work hard to get ahead. Everybody’s grinding. It can get pretty rough out there, especially when people are taking shots at your reputation. That’s why SocialSurvey created the Top Performers Awards—to celebrate those players and teams that are the best at managing the mortgage game. There’s nothing that gives us more of a thrill than being on a leveled playing field where the true voice of all your customers and employees can be heard—it’s a game changer.

SocialSurvey recognizes those loan officers and mortgage companies who are making the most of their online reputation with the return of two WOW benchmarks and a brand new category in the mortgage industry (see campaigns below).  

Top Players: Top 50 Loan Officers for Customer Satisfaction

We celebrate the men and women in the field, making it happen—making it a win for their customers. Like our 2017 co-champions: Amber Ernst of New American Funding, and Giuseppe Battaglioli of Hallmark Home Mortgage. Congrats! Review the results below!

Top Players

SocialSurvey’s 2017 Top 50 Loan Officers for Customer Satisfaction is a fierce competition of mortgage gamers who are leveraging their online reputation to get their “W’s”. Here are the winning results:

Top 50 Loan Officers for Customer Satisfaction


Amber Ernst New American Funding
Amber ErnstNew American Funding1st (Tied)
Giuseppe Battaglioli Team Hallmark
Giuseppe Battaglioli TeamHallmark Home Mortgage1st (Tied)
Christian PlocicaThe Mortgage FirmTop 10
Jeremy Frase
Jeremy FraseNOIC Inc.Top 10
Johnny Dykes
Johnny DykesNew American FundingTop 10
Jonathan McKinnies
Jonathan McKinniesHallmark Home MortgageTop 10
Kaley Giessing
Kaley GiessingPrimary Residential Mortgage, Inc.Top 10
Kevin Murphy
Kevin MurphyFreedmont MortgageTop 10
Ryan Eberhardt
Ryan EberhardtDiamond Residential MortgageTop 10
Tim Prindle
Tim PrindleAmerican Financial Network, Inc.Top 10
Tracey Jackson
Tracey JacksonVillage MortgageTop 10

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Top Teams: Top 10 Mortgage Companies
for Customer Satisfaction

SocialSurvey is thrilled to celebrate the success of the smallest to largest mortgage companies across nearly a quarter million verified customer reviews, gathered from over 20,000 loan officers in the United States. It is a huge honor to applaud these three divisional titans for 2017! Check out the results!

Top Teams

This year, SocialSurvey recognizes the best small, medium and large lenders (10 each) with our with our 2017 Top 10 Mortgage Companies in Customer Satisfaction. Here are the winning results:

First Financial Bank
First Financial Bank, N.A.1st
Michigan Mutual
MiMutual Mortgage1st
Amber Ernst New American Funding
Embrace Home Loans1st

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Top Fans: Top Mortgage Workplaces

Are your employees fans of your company? This can be a tough question. But, critical to find out. Not only will it give you actionable insights, but it will help you attract great talent and increase your bottom line.

Top Fans

Breakout stats: Glassdoor reports that potential employees read 7 online reviews before forming an opinion about your company. According to Forbes, each Glassdoor star is worth 7.9% in your company valuation.

SocialSurvey would like to be a team player and offer our EmployeeWellCheck survey to every company in the mortgage industry who wants it, absolutely for free. We will also recognize the 2018 Top Workplaces—the company that’s doing the most right by their team and industry, based on our survey. There’s a whole lotta value with little effort. Come huddle with us and your employees, and let’s keep winning together!    

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