TMC Winter Conference 2019 Wrap Up

SocialSurvey Creating Wow with TMC The Power Of the Network Wrap Up 2019

The Mortgage Collaborative (TMC) is laser-focused on being the most cutting edge and innovative mortgage collaborative for independent lenders. As the only independent cooperative network in the mortgage industry, they’re used to doing things differently for their member and vendor partners. In this dynamic environment, it’s more important than ever to maximize relationships, get ahead of the curve and align yourself and your company with industry trends.

At last year’s Create Wow Summit, SocialSurvey’s “unconference”, we had fun, got a little weird and connected with our peers in a collaborative environment. After joining us at the Create Wow Summit, the TMC Team wanted to extend that same fun spirit to their sphere at their 2019 Winter Member Conference, held this week in Austin, TX.

SocialSurvey partnered with TMC and took over their social media channels to help add to the WOW of their winter conference! It was a memorable experience, and we had a blast Creating Wow with The Power of the Network to make a splash on social.

Highlights from some of the WOW sessions are below:

Day 1 Wrap Up

Women’s Networking Group

Jen Peachman, TMC’s VP Member Engagement, led a powerful women’s networking discussion to kick off the 3 day winter conference. The women discussed how to thrive and solve gender inequality issues in a male-dominated industry. Networking with other women in the industry, lifting each other up and hosting discussions like this one are helping the industry move forward on a daily basis. Keep up the great work, ladies!

TMC Benchmark Powered by LBA Ware, a Hands-on Training Session

TMC Winter 2019 Rich and Lori, Founder of LBA Ware discuss TMC Benchmark

Over 70 members joined this informative, hands-on training session to get acquainted with the valuable new tool the collaborative built for its members, TMC Benchmark Powered by LBA Ware.

They have identified over 40 KPIs that most lender members are currently tracking. Each month, a member may submit those KPIs to LBA Ware (by the 20th of the month). By the 21st, there is a dashboard available where they can see the prior month’s data in comparison to other TMC members. It can be filtered numerous ways to view by company type or size. The data submitted by other lenders is anonymous to you, but it is shown side-by-side in comparison to your company data.

Day 2 Wrap Up

Mortgage Marketing Strategies & Trends

TMC Winter Conference SocialSurvey Mortgage Marketing Trends session

Mortgage marketing is constantly evolving to adapt to industry trends, so this session had everyone all ears! Topics included creating video content at the local level and leading by example (have executives and the C-Suite create video content for their audience). Check out the trends and takeaways below.

“The 3 leaders were excellent. They had a packed room and led a dynamic, flowing discussion. Attendees were engaged and attentive.” -Craig Pollack, SVP Business Development, SocialSurvey

Trending now:

  • Customer experience
  • Growth through acquisition
  • Personal branding–it’s the Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Technology is expanding–branding is happening from the LO to the company level

Takeaways for later:

  • How are you getting your brand out there? Get the whole team involved. Use technology to tell a story.
  • Social starts with onboarding and setting the expectation
  • Use video! Have leaders create videos to lead by example. Coach them. Give them a script. Provide guardrails for compliance.

Day 3 Wrap Up

The Crystal Ball – Mortgage Industry Predictions for 2019 & 2020

TMC Crystall Ball Session Mortgage Industry Predictions 2019 & 2020

Kate DeKay, Rob Chrisman, Jay Brinkmann and David Kittle, CMB discussed industry predictions for 2019 & 2020 during lunch.

According to Jay, things are looking up. Here’s what he sees in his crystal ball projections for the coming years:

  • Interest rates will remain steady
  • Recession highly unlikely with strong jobs market and consumer confidence
  • Dollar volume up 5% on appreciating home prices

To check out more industry predictions from a rockstar lineup of industry leaders, check out the full recap from The Future Buyer Session at the Create Wow Summit.

Effectively Using Social Media to Grow and Market Your Business

Supporting your team’s personal branding on social (while leading by example!) was a topic that came up multiple times throughout the conference. Here’s a breakdown of what you can do to apply the concepts to your business.

1. As the C-Suite, what do you need to know?

  • It’s not about what we want to produce, it’s about what your audience wants to consume.

2. As the C-Suite, what do you need to ask for to manage your digital team?

  • You need to know enough about the metrics to know what to ask for and what to resource.
  • You need to know enough about the possibilities to know what is possible!
  • You need to know enough… to know what to expect from your team at all levels.

3. As the C-Suite, what do you need to resource your digital team?

  • Leverage. When someone is pitching an idea, a platform or a solution, ask how much can be squeezed out of it.

4. As the C-Suite, where is digital going?

  • Social is moving local. Educate your teams on how to become Digital Mayors in the communities they serve.
  • Your audience wants 3 buckets of content. Give them what they are looking for.

5. As the C-Suite, what do you need to produce on social yourself?

  • Your LO’s need to see you doing it!

SocialSurvey is proud to be a Vendor Partner of TMC, with more member clients than any other vendor. Nearly 33% of all TMC members are part of the SocialSurvey family. That’s why attending a TMC conference is more like a family reunion than an industry conference.

We’re already looking forward to the next conference, August 18-20th, in Nashville, TN.

TMC Nashville Summer Conference 2019

Thank you, TMC!