SocialMonitor connects to social channels of users, branches, regions and the company. The admin can select any or all to monitor. The monitor automatically escalates posts with certain keywords. Automated communications, both internal and email are included. Macros can be set for certain situations. Bulk posters that are known to be compliant can easily be trusted from escalation rules. Keywords are preset but flexible. All activity is archived for years.


Hundreds of pre-set keyword monitors. Easily add new keywords.


Monitor all branches and users in a single feed or select and view individual regions, locations and/or individual employees.


Inbox format to easily view entire stream, keyword alerts, issues escalated, and resolved posts.Click to view post.


Add Trusted Source to ignore posts from approved content providers.

Monitor for keywords within post comments.


Automated communication, bulk actions, macros with email and private notes tracking.


Archive all posts and communications for compliance / regulatory reporting.


Easily track user’s active social connections.