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Each week, the SocialSurvey team comments, educates and collaborates on all things social platforms for Multi-Location Brands.

Show Up For Social
is where we bring all of the most recent content in one space.

First up, Facebook Blueprint Training – Marketing Team Edition – 30 minutes
11:30am PST each Tuesday from 01/15/19 on SocialSurvey’s Facebook Page.

EmmaM is 19 episodes into this ever-evolving series designed to educate brand marketing teams, giving them the best practices on resourcing to build a Multi-Location Brand on Facebook and Instagram.

The Marketing Team Edition is for Multi-Location Brand marketing teams – perfect for CMOs, Marketing Mechanics and Social Media Coordinators.

Get Caught Up

  1. State-of-Play
  2. Business Manager Part 1
  3. Business Manager Part 2
  4. Intro to Facebook Campaigns
  5. Pixel Intro
  6. Audiences: Core, Custom and Lookalike
  7. Metrics
  8. Moments that Matter
  9. Messenger
  10. Brand Safety
  11. Intro to Instagram
  12. Instagram & your Parent Brand
  13. Live Q&A with Marketing Teams
  14. The Customer Journey
  15. EmmaM Live @ The Mortgage Collaborative (TMC) in Austin, TX
  16. Intro to Mapping your Customer Journey
  17. The Insurance Customer’s Journey
  18. Attribution
  19. Facebook Targeting Parameters for Housing, Employment & Credit Brands

Getting the foundations right to scale the mechanics, while giving local area audiences what they want to consume when choosing the right local area representative of your brand—this balancing act is something that needs consistent education.

Digital Mayor Training – SocialSurvey Users Edition – 15 minutes
9am PST each Tuesday in the SocialSurvey Community of Users Group

WOWworthy with EmmaM Digital Mayor Edition - SocialSurvey

Frontline employees work hard in their local area community to give a great experience and establish a recognizable reputation in real life. In today’s digital age, it’s equally important to replicate that experience locally, online.

Collaboration with our Marketing Team Edition attendees has resulted in this weekly, 15 minute, Facebook LIVE in the SocialSurvey Users Group. Join the group and set a show reminder.

The show includes:

  • Weekly SocialSurvey update
  • 1 Facebook marketing Tip of the Week
  • 7 content options for frontline employees to create. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions and a PDF (Note: even if just 1 piece of content is created by each frontline employee each week, that’s a big lift for them and their brand – and an important part of their content mix).
  • A showcase of the best content created by frontline employees from last week (have your team use #socialsurvey when posting content and they’ll have a chance to be featured in their very own Behind the Review episode!)

In this episode, EmmaM and Scott Harris, Founder and CEO, shared the SocialSurvey Funding Story.

Who knows who will drop by for a surprise chat on the SocialSurvey Instastory each Friday…?

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