Personification of Brand: A Challenge Guaranteed to make any CEO Uncomfortable

Imagine your company as a living entity: it can breathe, walk, run, eat, smile, laugh, cry, and even make friends. Now, imagine it in front of a mirror, staring at its reflection. What does it see?

Is it male or female? Is it a child, teenager, young adult, middle-aged, or closing in on retirement? Is it vibrant and full of energy, or stale and barely scooting along? Is it happy, sanguine, bitter, sad? Is it skinny, fit, a little plump or downright overweight? Is it confident and secure, or not so much?

What else do you know about this business reflection?

Is it a world traveler, or does it stay close to home? Is it a planner, or a little reactive? Does it bring people together, or pull them apart? Does it make you feel safe? Is it fun to be around, or are people counting the hours until they get away? Does it attract great people? Does it have many friends? 

Think about those friends (employees, customers, investors, and vendors). What do they see when they look at the reflection? How would they answer each of these questions? How would they describe this living entity that is your company?

Do the employees see empowerment, excitement and purpose—or only a means to an end? Do vendors love the partnership and feel like a part of the team? Or do they feel like a supplier, never appreciated or acknowledged for their part in its success? Are the investors proud of what they’ve helped build, or are they worried about recouping their investment? Do customers see a products and services company that they can count on and want to promote? Or, one that doesn’t deliver on their promises?

We think about these things at SocialSurvey.

Ask these questions tomorrow, and the answers may be slightly different. Hopefully better, but not always. Today, SocialSurvey is half female and half male. It is young and vibrant. It is not yet as fit as it can be. It is mostly confident, but insecurities do come up from time to time. It travels the U.S. and soon the world. It is both a planner and a little reactive—at times a lot reactive. It brings people together, but doesn’t yet make them feel completely safe. It is fun to be around. It attracts great people and has a lot of friends.

The CX 2.0 Audit is coming soon! In the meantime, think about your company’s internal and external promises.