Who We Are

SocialSurvey is an enthusiastic team dedicated to improving the success of professionals in four ways.

We help professionals and their companies to:

  • Enhance and promote a favorable reputation for each professional and company brand;
  • Protect companies by providing operating systems that meet compliance requirements;
  • Increase revenue and growth by ensuring prospects quickly identify a client’s best professionals amid and above the noise of competitors in all social media channels, and
  • Provide dynamic dashboards and analyses to help executives improve performance where needed and take advantage of excellence each time it shines.

We are passionate about making our clients excited by the results Social Survey bring to both individuals and the company, overall!



We Are All About “Better and Better!”

Our tools are easy to use and we are continually adding new features to make them even more helpful, based on the requests and ideas of our current users. We provide dedicated customer success managers to support each company all along the way, so even a new professional to technology gets the support Our team invested time and talent to design a robust, integrated system that stands head and shoulders above other tools in the market. We are proud of the thoughtfulness built into our design and our openness to continually enhance it based on feedback from our users. We love to hear what our clients suggest and are up for the challenge to make our systems “better and better” as we go!

Come learn more about Social Survey and us! We are happy to share more, provide demos and explore how you can make Social Survey work for you.

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