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David Lykken CreateWOWSummit Elevator

“People are like elevators, they’re either taking you up, or taking you down.” — David Lykken at the Culture Impact Session, #CreateWOWSummit

Well, it’s official. We now have a WOWworthy Culture, thanks to all of you who attended the #CreateWOWSummit!

To be clear, this classification extends far beyond SocialSurvey’s high-fivin’ reach where it created a life of its own—our own—for all of us who showed up to the event. Attendees, speakers, investors, vendors, right down to one of our intern’s friends who showed up to help build our Post-it WOW Wall—we all created a WOWworthy culture together.

“Recognition is really really important. You kind got the feeling of how nice it is to be recognized as you walked in … even something as high-fives. It doesn’t cost a lot, but it means a lot. It lifts up your spirits. It means somebody cares.”—Barry Habib at Culture Impact Session, #CreateWOWSummit

During the Culture Impact session at the “unconference” we learned from former CEO of Radian, S.A. Ibrahim, “Don’t shoot for the ordinary, shoot for the extraordinary!” And that’s just how this culture came to be…

Our WOWworthy History

“Create WOW” started as one of nine core values at SocialSurvey. Our WOW team member, Kristin Morrah, mentioned on stage how the people and these values eventually won her over after discovering SocialSurvey’s CEO, Scott Harris, was not a serial killer (must watch video below), but an extremely passionate entrepreneur hell-bent on creating a culture that amplified relationships … just like our platform.

Not long after, more like-hearted people began to pour into SocialSurvey and embrace the values to the point where “Create WOW” vibrated the loudest. It became more than a value; it became an implicit promise. One that every customer and employee could feel at every touchpoint.

Eventually, there was enough belief and goodwill reflected back by our community that allowed SocialSurvey to claim “Create WOW” as our explicit Brand Promise. We could wear our “Create WOW” shirts proudly because we walked the talk:

  • Customers felt it in the way we showed up in ways never expected
  • Investors felt it in the way they were welcomed and thanked for their support
  • Partners and vendors felt it in the way they were supported by unexpected acknowledgments
  • Employees felt it in the way they were immediately part of a growing, ultra fun family

Bringing WOW Home

Soon after making “Create WOW” our Brand Promise, the #CreateWOWSummit was born. The intent was to create an “unconference” to support and celebrate all of the people who make an organization run—not just the leaders and sellers. We knew we’d be creating an extension of our own culture by inviting our entire community. But just because the event claimed the name, didn’t mean we could sit idle (there’s nothing idle about WOW). So, we had to pour our hearts and souls into delivering an experience that lived up to its promise.

Fast forward to September 5-7, 2018, and that’s where all of you who attended the #CreateWOWSummit come in. Together we created, stretched, and shared tirelessly for days. And it was your great effort that paired with ours to create a new, WOWworthy culture.

Cheers to you, and to all of you going forward who will contribute to WOW!

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Please join us for WOW19 and share all of the experiences and value leading up to next year.

Special thanks to our Culture Impact panelists Barry Habib, S.A. Ibrahim, David Lykken, and Kristin Morrah—and to all attendees at the #CreateWOWSummit for building our WOWworthy culture!