Engaging Customers and Enhancing Your Online Reputation

Unlimited Surveys

We offer companies and quality professionals a simple way to manage their online reputation and capture customer data to create a winning social strategy and boost customer satisfaction. We do not limit the number of surveys you send. This allows you to kick start the process by sending invitations to your past customers as well as on your current and future transactions.

Feature Specific Reviews on Your Public Pages

Credibility is key to a successful survey system. Our star rating is based on all your surveys scores. While we publicly post all customer feedback, we let you set your featured reviews based on a minimum score. We will share all surveys above that score automatically to your connected social networks and highlight you best survey comments in the featured reviews section of your public profile page.

Syndicate and Share Happy Customer Comments

We are all about social lift by connecting happy survey responses to your social networks. Using your minimum post score we automatically syndicate your best reviews to all the social networks that you connect to your account.