EmmaM Online — Episode 16: Intro to Mapping the Customer Journey

EmmaM Episode 16 WOWworthy with EmmaM SocialSurvey

Intro to Mapping your Customer Journey

Imagine for a moment, new home buyers are at a cocktail hour with their new neighbors talking about moving into their home. Then, they quickly and enthusiastically jump to the part in the story about how their loan officer and real estate agent collaborated on a beautiful gift of kitchen items. The gift had a note attached that said they’ll come by in 30 days with wine, and cook them a meal in their new home with their new kitchen equipment. Everybody at the party is totally WOWed by the story.

That’s what 5-star reviews are made of.

“Drive the MOMENTS that MATTER!” -EmmaM, SocialSurvey

Next week, we’ll be focusing on the Insurance Customer’s Journey. Tune in at 11:30 AM PST to catch the live training!

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