Don’t Overthink Your Customer Survey

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In the modern era that “customer satisfaction survey” you are sending out is crucial for three core reasons:

  1. Social Proof
  2. Refining Your CX (Consumer Experience)
  3. Reputation Management

That’s it, and that’s all. You may ask me “Hey Fraz, what about client feedback?” Well, of course, that is important but that “feeds” into all of the three core reasons above as you will see below.

The reason for this article is that I am seeing survey vendors in our industry hang their hat on a 30+ some question surveys to get every bit of data they can from the consumer. You may be asking yourself, What is the problem with more data? And the answer is “nothing at all”. Let me explain.

The data isn’t the problem; it is the method. I am sorry, but nobody wants to fill out a multiple page multiple question surveys. They don’t. The modern consumer doesn’t want to do that even for products they love. Don’t believe me? Test it out yourself or ask these vendors what their pull-through rate is. It isn’t close to 100%. The worst part is that with the bounce rate being a high % means you miss out on one of the most important factors for doing surveys at all. Social Proof.

In the modern economy, businesses should be championing Social Proof with their clients, employees, and partners. Social Proof is what consumers are looking for. People do business with you because they Know You, Like You, and Trust You. Social Proof plays a huge part in that. If your customers are bouncing off your review, then you won’t get that chance. You want their reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Zillow. And that is the ballgame when it comes to Social Proof. Social Proof = $$$

As for the CX question, if you are managing your pipeline and operations via tools like Motivity then you don’t need a survey to show where the issues are. They are front and center when you are doing your daily management reports. Any Mortgage exec or Ops manager will tell you that. The consumer feedback helps you refine your CX process and believe it or not; you CAN get that in a shorter survey (5 questions) with open comments if you have the right system.

Reputation management is also paramount with today’s consumer. It is so easy for a customer to go online and blow you up with a bad review. That is why the CX and Social Proof pieces are so important. You need to have a good response system along with the positive online reviews to battle those negative ones. Sometimes you have a crappy client, but sometimes you did a shitty job, and you have to own it. Just part of doing business in today’s world.

So what is the perfect system for Social Proof, CX, and Reputation Management? That is easy.

Social Survey

We have been partnered with Social Survey for about a year now, and they get it. They are the only vendor in that space for our industry that truly understands the importance of the customer journey. Their technology and workflow are built for the consumer of today not the consumer of 1980. Since going with them our reviews of 10x’d on every channel, including Google and Zillow. I would highly recommend you talk to the team over there and see for yourself.

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