DotLoop Portal

DotLoop Portal

Dotloop® is the leading real estate transaction management and productivity optimization platform. Dotloop reduces complexity by replacing separate form creation, e-sign, and transaction management systems with a single end-to-end solution and drives growth by helping real estate professionals streamline their businesses with workflow automation and real-time visibility into transactions. Each year, millions of agents, brokers, and clients trust Dotloop to get deals done.

To use this integration you must subscribe to Dotloop Business+ (Broker) account. You will need to contact your Dotloop account representative to have the Dotloop API enabled on your account(s) and will need to generate an API key which must be entered into SocialSurvey’s App settings. Our integration is designed to detect new transactions in the CLOSED status that have a name, role, and email address of Borrower, Co-Borrower, Buyers Agent, & Sellers Agent. Closed transactions that are set to ARCHIVE before being detected on our nightly data update will not be processed. Please discuss your Dotloop policies and workflow with your CSM to ensure we are able to utilize the Dotloop API integration in your specific case. Read more at:


SocialSurvey offers several Data Integration Options

General Purpose

Mortgage Lending Specific

Real Estate Specific

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