Customer Behavior Experience Design

1. Get Better – gamify employee behavior through automation to create better customer experiences and drive business improvement,

2. Get Found – share consistent business location data across hundreds of online directories (listings management),

3. Get Chosen – help you generate enough reviews to rank higher than your competitors.

This is the bedrock of a great CX 2.0 strategy, and it works time and again. A company should not have to react to the data or read a report to “Get Better.” Most of what they will find on those reports are things they already know. If the lines at the rental car counter are long in Denver, you certainly already know you need more staff for peak times. A good CX 2.0 strategy will give you data you don’t know, and will improve itself, quickly. That’s rightit will improve itself. 

The data will improve the data. 

The CX 2.0 Audit is coming soon! In the meantime, check out a case study for a national plumbing business using data to drive outcomes.