The 2019 Social Media Blueprint for Marketing Teams and Agents

SocialSurvey WOWworthy with EmmaM Newsletter 11

Looking for ways to elevate your Multi-Location Brand in 2019? We’ve got you covered. Here are 4 places you should be checking out regularly to help your brand stand out from the crowd. Facebook Blueprint Training – Marketing Team Edition Digital Mayor Training – SocialSurvey Users Edition Behind the Review Instastories LIVE! 1. Facebook Blueprint […]

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Catch Up on All Things Facebook for Your Brand

SocialSurvey WOWworthy with EmmaM Online New Episodes Every Tuesday

Eight weeks ago, after consulting our client partners, we launched our weekly Facebook Blueprint training for Multi-Location Brands. Every Tuesday, join us as we come together as a brand marketing team to keep up to date on everything happening in Facebookland, complete a Facebook Blueprint learning module, and get insights on how to market your […]

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EmmaM Online — Episode #7: Metrics for Multi-Location Brands

SocialSurvey EmmaM Online Metrics for Multi-Location Brands

Ads Manager gives you a holistic view of your ad performance across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger, and across devices. Once you’ve created a campaign and are delivering ads, the next step is to understand how your ads are performing: * What devices are people using when they view your ad? * How many […]

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EmmaM Online — Episode #6: Targeting Audiences

EmmaM Online Episode 6 Core, Custom, and Lookalike Audiences for the Multi-Location Brand

Facebook provides three distinct targeting strategies for marketers: 1. Core Audiences: Target ads using Facebook data. 2. Custom Audiences: Use data from your CMS, website, mobile app, or other sources to target Facebook ads to people you already know. 3. Lookalike Audiences: Surface new audiences by combining Custom Audiences with Facebook targeting. “For a brand’s […]

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EmmaM Online — Episode #4: Introduction to Facebook Campaigns

EmmaM Online Episode 4 Facebook Awareness Consideration and Conversion campaign

When it comes to their ad platform, Facebook simplifies ad creation and delivery by selling ads based on ad objectives at the campaign level. Selecting an objective sets the business goal you want the ads within this campaign to accomplish. This helps Facebook determine the best ad placements, formats and calls to action — and […]

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EmmaM Online — Episode #1 Facebook State of Play

EmmaM Online SocialSurvey

Prior to January 2018, users of Facebook would see a mix of ‘friends’ posts interspersed with pages that they follow and their organic posts, along with ads. Facebook users had also been following pages with the intention of ‘saving them’ to occasionally be kept up-to-date on the page’s activity. Over time though, users had a […]

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