Catch Up on All Things Facebook for Your Brand

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Eight weeks ago, after consulting our client partners, we launched our weekly Facebook Blueprint training for Multi-Location Brands.

Every Tuesday, join us as we come together as a brand marketing team to keep up to date on everything happening in Facebookland, complete a Facebook Blueprint learning module, and get insights on how to market your brand and drive traffic to your Facebook locations.

So far, we have covered the following exciting (and sometimes mechanical) topics:

Multi-Location Foundations:

  1. State-of-Play
  2. Business Manager Part 1
  3. Business Manager Part 2
  4. Intro to Facebook campaigns
  5. Pixel Intro
  6. Audiences: Core, Custom and Lookalike
  7. Metrics
  8. Moments that matter

Over the next few months, we invite you to join us for the following:

  1. Messenger – Get the reminder here!
  2. Instagram introduction
  3. Brand safety and compliance

Earn Social Cred: Become a Digital Mayor

Lastly, our client partners have collaborated with us to provide their frontline employees weekly, 15 minute, Digital Mayor episodes to do the following:

  • Provide our frontline users with a weekly update on how to get the most out of their online reputation to drive 13.7% more business in 2019.
  • Give the frontline users step-by-step instructions on what content to create for that particular week, so that they can stand out from their local peers and build trust in their community – with compliant guardrails!

Email to collaborate on Digital Mayor for your frontline team… or to personally catch up on Facebook for Multi-Location Brands.