As Featured in Real Trends – Meet The Influencer with Scott Harris

Scott SocialSurvey

“I’m honored to be highlighted in the Real Trends Meet The Influencer series. It’s very exciting to be able to partner with the industry, including so many real estate agents and brokers, to help them dominate online.” -Scott Harris, SocialSurvey In today’s online climate, brokerage firms, teams and agents must monitor their online reviews, ratings […]

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SocialSurvey’s 2018 Year in Review

SocialSurvey 2018 Year in Review 2019

WOW…what a monumental year it’s been! SocialSurvey is proud to present our 2018 Year in Review, highlighting the ways we’ve connected with our communities. WOW SUCCESS We wouldn’t be here today without the Success & Support team, who in 14 months has gone from a team of one supporting 100 clients, to a team of […]

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Catch Up on All Things Facebook for Your Brand

SocialSurvey WOWworthy with EmmaM Online New Episodes Every Tuesday

Eight weeks ago, after consulting our client partners, we launched our weekly Facebook Blueprint training for Multi-Location Brands. Every Tuesday, join us as we come together as a brand marketing team to keep up to date on everything happening in Facebookland, complete a Facebook Blueprint learning module, and get insights on how to market your […]

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Countdown to Kickoff—SocialSurvey’s 2018 Top Performers Contest

Top Performer 2019

  We are kicking off SocialSurvey’s 2018 Top Performers contest on January 1, 2019. Submissions are open to all loan officers and mortgage companies currently operating in the United States, with no cost to enter. Our SocialSurvey customers are automatically registered. Results will be released in March 2019. Until then, look out for updates, videos and […]

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9 Ways Loan Officers Can Win Locally in 2019

Want to learn more about our Top Performers contest?  How do you become the Digital Mayor of your community? 1. Make the Most of Your Reviews For years, LOs have considered word-of-mouth referrals as their primary source of business. Today, it’s online reviews that generate interest—and the best ROI. Collect the true sentiment of customers and amplify […]

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EmmaM Online — Episode 8: Moments That Matter

WOWworthy with EmmaM Episode 8 "Moments That Matter" blog header

Find out what matters to people as they move, and see how brands can help ease their transitions. As marketers, we’re currently in (arguably) the most important medium shift in marketing since the first television ad for Bulova watches in 1941. Mobile technology has delivered us from a mass media world to a personally relevant […]

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EmmaM Online — Episode #7: Metrics for Multi-Location Brands

SocialSurvey EmmaM Online Metrics for Multi-Location Brands

Ads Manager gives you a holistic view of your ad performance across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger, and across devices. Once you’ve created a campaign and are delivering ads, the next step is to understand how your ads are performing: * What devices are people using when they view your ad? * How many […]

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EmmaM Online — Episode #6: Targeting Audiences

EmmaM Online Episode 6 Core, Custom, and Lookalike Audiences for the Multi-Location Brand

Facebook provides three distinct targeting strategies for marketers: 1. Core Audiences: Target ads using Facebook data. 2. Custom Audiences: Use data from your CMS, website, mobile app, or other sources to target Facebook ads to people you already know. 3. Lookalike Audiences: Surface new audiences by combining Custom Audiences with Facebook targeting. “For a brand’s […]

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2018 Top Workplaces

Company Culture is everything…  SocialSurvey is a big believer in culture. We call it the WOW factor. That’s why we created a new benchmark that leverages our survey platform, and data science, to discover the Top Workplaces for Employee Satisfaction in the mortgage industry. With the year coming to a close, we wanted to cap […]

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