API Portal

SocialSurvey API provides access to import existing reviews data from the SocialSurvey system. This data can be used for business reporting and/or integration of the reviews content into your company websites.

You may use SocialSurvey API to:

  • POST transaction details to initiate survey sending
  • GET survey (and review) data collected for your account

Data Usage

SocialSurvey’s surveys API allows you to create and maintain a replica database of your survey/review data that you may use to integrate with custom CRM’s for analytics, Intranet portals for reporting, or to host reviews on your own public facing website on the Internet.

Caution: Data provided by the surveys API may not be used for real time dynamically generated content and is provided solely for the purpose of generating and updating your locally hosted database.

Note:  If users from your organization connected their SocialSurvey profiles with Zillow, it is possible that you may receive some Zillow Reviews data through the SocialSurvey API.  Please note that Zillow reviews are subjected to the terms of use of Zillow’s data policy.  Please be aware that the current policy from Zillow regarding their data usage permits you to dynamically display their reviews content but it does not permit you to store information locally.  Click here to view details of the Zillow Terms of Use for their data usage.

Getting Started with SocialSurvey APIs

Your SocialSurvey representative should have already provided you with an Access Token for your account. You may request a new or re-issued Access Token by email to support@socialsurvey.com.