Get Ready for WOW TOWN!

You’re invited to 2019’s most innovative and interactive culture conference, SocialSurvey’s Create WOW Summit. Join us in beautiful San Ramon, California this September 4th-6th for three exciting days of “unconference”. We’ll be taking you to WOW TOWN to explore WINNING LOCAL.

The Create WOW Summit will take place at the Roundhouse Conference Center @ Bishop Ranch from Wednesday, September 4 at 11 a.m. through Friday, Sept. 6 at 2 p.m. We look forward to CREATING WOW with you. See complete schedule for details.

The 3rd annual Create WOW Summit brings together thought leaders, social media & marketing VIPS and the entire SocialSurvey team to share insights and best practices for winning more local business.  Learn how to turn your customers into your #1 marketing asset by focusing on the best practices, workflows and technology needed to dominate locally.

Unlock the secrets to mastering your online presence and learn how to maximize your marketing to become the Digital Mayor in your community from some of the best minds in the industry.

September 3 - 7, 2019


There is ample parking at the Bishop Ranch Conference Center.

Please arrange your own transportation getting to and from the conference itself.

If you are staying at our discounted Marriott San Ramon room block, it is a very short walk. A shuttle is also available from the hotel to the event, as well.



(Please see below, organized closest to the furthest):

From OAK Airport (Oakland):

Driving: 20.1 miles (25-45 min)
Uber or Lyft is a great option. UberX is typically $32-41.
Shuttles: (40-80 min)
SuperShuttle: Exclusive Non-Stop Ride: $85-145 for a van, sedan or SUV for 1-5 passengers. To book this:, your destination zip code is 94583.

From SJC Airport (San Jose):

Driving: 34.8 miles (45 min++)
Uber or Lyft is a great option. UberX is typically $75-97.
Shuttles: (40-80 min)
SuperShuttle: Exclusive Non-Stop Ride: $124-175 for a van, sedan or SUV for 1-5 passengers. To book this:, your destination zip code is 94583.

From SFO Airport (San Francisco):

Driving: 43.2 miles (43 min++)
Uber or Lyft is a great option. UberX is typically $52-85.
Shuttles: (40-80 min)
SuperShuttle: Exclusive Non-Stop Ride: $124-175 for a van, sedan or SUV for 1-5 passengers. To book this:, your destination zip code is 94583.

To book our discounted room block at the San Ramon Marriott, click here.

















11AM to 3PM
SocialSurvey Sessions & PAB Panels

Our Partner Advisory Board will work alongside SocialSurvey leadership and customers to release, discuss and ideate new features, including: Facebook and Google Reviews integrations, SMS Requests, Photos in reviews, Quick Edits, Bulk Edits, Redirects.

*Please bring your feature requests, integration needs, bugs/ issues, and willingness to engage. These are completely interactive sessions and a lot of fun for everyone.

You asked for it, and here it is. Product #3 in the SocialSurvey platform: Listings Management. After months of ideation and development, we are ready. Hang out with our CEO and our CTO and celebrate the new release with our entire development team. We will show you the new UIs and discuss the rules to our extended free beta program.

Check out our new office with a bar and stage as we kick off the Create WOW Summit with hundreds of your marketing counterparts. There will be live music, Scott’s infamous Mai Tais, catered food, a little dancing and a lot of fun. At 9PM we will head over to the Marriott Bar to finish out the night. The morning will come quick, but you can always sleep in on Saturday.

Marketing and Culture Sessions: Turning Fans into Superfans Keynote/ Workshop Hybrid

“Train the Trainees” with systematic approaches to engage and maintain customer relationships.

Brittany Hodak

Customer experience management has changed over the years. Scott explores that evolution in his new book, CX 2.0, and invites the WOW Town audience to be a part of the release process. We are sharing a manuscript copy of the work and you will be able to read it over, make comments in the margins and be named a contributor in the final version.

Scott Harris
Epic Stories: David Mussari - Berkshire Hathaway
Epic Stories: Scott Davido - Advantage/ EZ Rent-A-Car
Epic Stories: Rick Arvielo - New American Funding

Create content from an individual and corporate perspective to increase community engagement and brand awareness.

Natalie Riso

Learn how to correctly set up and manage Facebook Locations, whether you have 1 franchise or 1,000! Bring your laptop and be ready to dive in step-by-step to build audiences through automation.

Emma Monro

Culture is more than a buzz word. It is the fuel that energizes your team, your brand, and your success. John will share the sources behind our teams commitment to creating a WOW Culture both internally and externally.

John Jackson

As Thursday comes to a close, celebrate your WOW Town experiences so far with a rooftop party. Imagine the sun setting over the lake, the smell of BBQ wafting through the air…now open your eyes, because you’ll be there in a few short weeks. Don’t miss out on the live music, photo ops, exclusive swag, and more.

9AM to 2PM
Keynote, Marketing Sprints and WOW Finale

There’s still a third day to the conference! Don’t run out early, as last year’s Finale was a favorite for everyone in attendance.

What would it mean to your business if you could get face to face with more people, more often? Join BombBomb Chief Evangelist and Co-Author of Rehumanize Your Business, Ethan Beute as he walks through the definitive guide to better business communication.

Ethan Beute
Marketing and Culture Sprints - Chad Jampedro - Top-down Culture Approach
Marketing and Culture Sprints - Tyler Morton - Digital Marketing
Marketing and Culture Sprints - Jason Frazier - Podcasts/ Audio
Marketing and Culture Sprints - John Jackson - Leadership Lifter
Marketing and Culture Sprints - Emma Monro - Facebook
Scott Harris

Paint the Town Blue with Us!

As Thursday comes to a close, celebrate your WOW Town experiences so far with a rooftop party. Imagine the sun setting over the lake, the smell of BBQ wafting through the air…now open your eyes, because you’ll be there in a few short weeks. Don’t miss out on the live music, photo ops, exclusive swag, and more.



Brittany Hodak

Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Superfan Expert

Brittany is an international keynote speaker and award-winning entrepreneur. She teaches leaders to cure apathy by harnessing the power of superfandom.


Chief Evangelist at BombBomb

Ethan has collected and told personal video success stories through blog posts, webinars, podcasts, stage presentations, and in countless conversations.


Co-Founder & CEO of SocialSurvey

Scott is the mastermind of the Create WOW Summit and the author of the “CX 2.0 System - The Future of Customer Experience Management.”


CEO of Advantage Rent A Car

Scott is a senior executive and advisor with extensive experience leading operations, marketing, finance/accounting, and legal functions for companies undergoing transition or transformation.


Co-Founder & CEO of New American Funding

Rick Arvielo, self-taught entrepreneur with a passion for marketing, founded his third business, New American Funding in 2003. Rick’s proven formula of marrying marketing and proprietary technology to grow businesses from the ground up has led to the continuing success of his latest endeavor.

David Mussari

Managing Partner at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty

David’s full service real estate brokerage is made up of the top 500 professionals across Ohio. His specialties include contract negotiations, real estate consulting and analysis, management, leadership and training.


Chief People Officer at SocialSurvey

John has a rich experience of scaling culture. From non-profits to corporate life, he has a commitment to the deep implementation of core values and the constant championing of dynamic culture.

Natalie Riso

Content Marketing Manager

Natalie is the Content Marketing Manager at 500 Startups and a 3x Linkedin Top Voice recipient. In 2015, she was the youngest recipient of the Top Voice award and has been building content strategy for companies ever since.


Co-Founder & Executive VP of MBS Highway

Dan has been involved in the mortgage industry for over 18 years as an integral part of Mortgage Market Guide, a Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley, and co-founder of MBS Highway.

Emma Monro

Social Media Marketing Manager at SocialSurvey

With continual study of the key social platforms, Emma keeps all internal stakeholders up to date on development opportunities for SocialSurvey, while also managing the company's external social presence.

Kristin Messerli

National Speaker & Founder of Cultural Outreach

Kristin started her business in 2013 to better reach next gen consumers and underserved markets. Since then, she has worked with over 50 companies of all sizes across the U.S. and has spoken at over 100 conferences.

Tyler Morton

Broker/Owner - RE/MAX Victory

Jason Frazier

Host of Mortgage X & Shred Marketer Podcast

Jason helps brands in the Mortgage & Real Estate industry stay relevant to their audience by helping them create attention & impact in their messaging.

Chad Jampedro

President of GSF Mortgage & GO Mortgage

Chad has been in the mortgage business for 18 years with a background in sales and marketing. Specialities include operational and service level design, implementation, and results tracking.

Doug Warren

CTO at SocialSurvey

Doug has 30 years of enterprise and consumer SaaS applications experience in cloud computing, storage, email, social, eCommerce, big data and security.

Behind the Review - The Nation’s Best


Associate at RE/MAX Victory

2018 #3 Top RE/MAX agent in Ohio


    Mortgage Loan Officer at USA Mortgage

    With 23 years of experience, Shawn is committed to providing his customers with services that exceed expectations. He has recently been declared SocialSurvey’s TOP Performer, claiming the national #1 spot across 30,000 Loan Officers.


      Sales Manager/Senior Loan Consultant at New American Funding

        SocialSurvey Partner Advisory Board

        Jessica Gonzalez

        Retail Marketing Manager at New Amercian Funding

          Blake Boyer

          VP of Marketing at Freedom Mortgage

            Corey Trujillo

            VP of Marketing at American Financial Network

              James Duncan

              Director of Education & Engagement at Thrive Mortgage

                Geoff Hunt

                Director of Client Services at Finance of America Mortgage

                  Timothy Spencer

                  Digital Systems Manager at DAS Acquisition Company

                    Haley Jozwiak

                    Lead Marketing Coordinator at Envoy

                      Anisa Johnson

                      VP of Marketing and Communications at Premier Nationwide Lending

                        Jessica Council

                        Executive Assistant at Synergy One Lending

                          Cheri Booth

                          Marketing Relationship Manager at V.I.P. Mortgage

                            John Meussner

                            Executive Loan Officer at Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation

                              Michelle Barrett

                              Corporate Marketing Director at Churchill Mortgage

                                Amir Odom

                                Marketing Associate at Churchill Mortgage

                                  Stanley Foraker

                                  Executive Vice President, Mortgage Banking at First Commonwealth Bank

                                    Meghan Handy

                                    Customer Experience Director, Vice President at Embrace Home Loans

                                      Joe McKone

                                      Area Manager at Land Home Financial Services

                                        Lynsay Spratlen

                                        Mortgage Systems Business Analyst at Nations Lending

                                          Krishna Dhokia

                                          Marketing Manager at Stearns Lending

                                            Matt Sell

                                            Director of Marketing GSF Mortgage Corp

                                              Megan Chastain

                                              AVP of Marketing at First Community Mortgage

                                                Megan Strange

                                                Brand Manager at AmCap Home Loans

                                                  Chris Knowlton

                                                  Chief Information Officer at Inlanta Mortgage

                                                    Tammie White

                                                    Support Manager at Paramount Residential Mortgage Group

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                                                      Hear from our Raving Fans from WOW 18.

                                                      WOW. This was the best conference of my 10 year mortgage marketing management career. I was impressed on so many levels, and the amount of organization, creativity and care that was put into this unconference was unbelieveable. I left feeling inspired, invigorated and empowered. Your staff is incredible and it was such a treat to meet them in person. Thank you for this experience, next year’s WOW Summit can’t come soon enough!
                                                      Coleen B.
                                                      I’ve never attended a conference where every minute was an intense valuable takeaway! I felt as though I needed more ears. It was worth every dollar and it will dramatically help our company moving forward. All that is the cherry on top to their incredible delivery of goods and everyday service that we cherish.
                                                      Nicole S.
                                                      It was just awesome to see Social Survey’s entire team so incredibly committed to the success of their customers and the continued leveraging of technology to better connect with our clients, partners, and team members. Truly Inspiring! JUST WOW!
                                                      Mark G
                                                      I highly recommend this event! The Create Wow Summit was jam packed with valuable and relevant information to the mortgage industry, marketing, technology and even a few health tips. Overall very inspiring to help us improve our business!
                                                      Amy P.
                                                      WOW! What a fantastic conference chock-full of information, collaboration and networking. I can’t wait until next year!
                                                      Anisa J.
                                                      The Create WOW Summit has already had an impact on the culture and climate of our company. We took many of the suggestions and ideas shared by the speakers at the summit and have implemented them into our business model. Thank you for the opportunity to attend. We will definitely be back next year.
                                                      Craig H.
                                                      Knowing that many of the speakers were from the mortgage industry, I was concerned that much of the content wouldn’t be as applicable to me. However, the entire (un)conference was incredible. The content and ideas shared were relevant across all industries.
                                                      Tyler M.
                                                      Social Survey created an innovative experience which truly did WOW! Every single second of this unconference I found something of value and their upbeat and positive atmosphere continued throughout. Thank you for such a wonderful experience and for inspiring growth.
                                                      Lauren M.
                                                      The Create Wow Summit was a unique and well executed “un-conference” that served as an excellent source of information, while providing a wellspring of inspiration to create content. Ultimately, the most WOW-Worthy part of the summit was the Social Survey staff. From their dedication to their energy, they are truly what made the summit a success.
                                                      Anna M.

                                                      REGISTER FOR WOW TOWN

                                                      Join us for our Create WOW Summit and start winning locally.

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