11 Customer Experience Design Problems that can be Solved with CX 2.0

Sometimes, instead of a company driving results, it is past customers impacting current customers…and even employees. Here is an example of online reviews negatively impacting everything, through the lens of Advantage Rent A Car, which operates through its Advantage and EZ brands (AEZ).

  1. Customer Satisfaction – The customer walks up to the counter already in a bad mood. As they wait in line, they look at their cell phone and start reading unhappy customer reviews online. By the time they get to the counter, tired and frustrated, they already expect the experience to be negative.
  2. Online Reputation – The customer who is reading bad reviews and walks up to the counter upset is likely to leave a bad review themselves. Even if their experience was positive, they believe it was an aberration.
  3. Employee Satisfaction and Retention – Lots of unhappy customers make for a long day, and a terrible work experience. “They don’t pay me enough to put up with all of this,” is a common statement.
  4. Employee Income – The things people are complaining about online are how agents make money. The insurance, toll passes, prepaid fuel, upgraded vehicles are all commissionable. It is not easy to upgrade an unhappy customer. They often expect to be made happy with free benefits.
  5. Employer–Employee Relations – The daily team meetings can turn into a diatribe of, “Can you believe what that customer said?!’’ stories. That’s not a great way to start a shift. Also, the CEO is constantly complaining about the NPS scores, so he asks the location managers and the marketing team to fix it. The location managers tell the counter agents to fix it. The counter agents say it has nothing to do with them. Everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else.
  6. Recruiting – Agents are definitely not referring their friends to come work in this environment.
  7. Customer Care Team – They only deal with complaining customers, so they think every customer is unhappy.
  8. Top Line Revenues – People that read reviews before choosing the company are likely to choose another company. And customers who chose AEZ for the price, but read the reviews, almost never upgrade.
  9. Rewards, Marketing and Loyalty Programs – An upset customer doesn’t join the rewards program, doesn’t respond to marketing programs and most often, doesn’t come back.
  10. Direct Bookings and Customer Contact Data – Because AEZ had such low satisfaction scores, most new clients came via third-party websites such as Travelocity and Expedia. AEZ was giving away a hefty part of their revenue to these sites and rarely obtained an email address to try and earn repeat business and direct bookings on future visits.
  11. Website Traffic and SEO – Google is not putting AEZ first or anywhere near the first page on search when most customer sentiment is basically all bad.

The CX 2.0 Audit is coming soon! In the meantime, understand why siloed technology kills customer experience design.